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Cray’s TITAN Supercomputer – get yours now! Links and Videos included here!

November 25, 2012

How much do you want to know about TITAN? Well…here are some links I grabbed from the site’s news page:

I love this – from their Products page:
“Cray Products: Supercomputing Solutions for Everyone”
Cray Products-start shopping now! Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Really? Everyone? 🙂 I don’t see an ‘add to cart’ option on this here page! Why not?

Order yours now before the holiday rush! I think they start at a mere $200K for the base model with no options – and go up to whatever billions you have lying around!

And I think it’s just a simple kit – from looking at the timelapse video – so how hard can it be? You just need a big room and some good A/C I guess…

What is a FLOP – from Cray Website

Who was this Seymour Cray guy anyway????

Video Timelapse of Jaguar Turning Into Titan

NVIDIA: Exploring the Science of Ice Cream with a supercomputer

Washington Post – Oak Ridge Unveils Titan SuperComputer

Cray Laps Itself in SuperComputing

Cray’s Titan Supercomputer Is the Fastest In The World

The Importance of Titan

ScienceNewsLine Article on Titan

Oak Ridge National Lab Press Release on Titan

Scientific American Article on Titan

NPR: All Things Considered – Why Is This SuperComputer So Fast

Is SuperComputing The Next Space Race?

Popular Science: Introducing the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Supercomputer debuts with NVIDIA GPUs

Cray Corporation Press Release about Titan

Cray Corporation Press Release about Titan

Cray Website News page with even more info

I think you’ll find that their GPU (or thousands of them) is a bit faster than your GPU (your graphics processor/video card)…. I wonder why 🙂

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