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eBates has been and remains THE best way to save money online – period.

November 25, 2012

No fees. No catches. No adware/malware/spam/gimmicks. Just savings if you can remember to shop THROUGH – it’s a no brainer. Even Amazon and eBay are part of the 1,500 or so stores they have. Please use my referral bonus link (a self-serving request):

If you don’t like eBates (I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t – please tell me why) don’t use it – they have a Firefox (and maybe Chrome?) add-on bar (I hate add-on bars but can’t afford NOT to miss savings anymore – been there, done that).

eBates was founded by two ex-deputy DAs who specialized in privacy issues – so (as a cybersecurity student) I can tell you that it’s safe and secure. The site uses HTTPS, like your banking and online/e-commerce sites all do, to protect your browsing session. That basically means it’s encrypting all information in areas of these sites where anything personal (info) gets transmitted – you’ll see šŸ™‚ Just look for HTTPS in the address bar whenever it comes to inputting personal information of ANY kind – you should ALWAYS do that anyway šŸ™‚

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