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Quantum Computing is ALREADY in use… as weird as that sounds… Did you know that? (cool YouTube video)

November 27, 2012

If you didn’t think or believe that Quantum computing would happen anytime soon… watch this. It’s already being used by the likes of Google and Lockheed-Martin… this is a pretty cool video.

Quantum computers are already for sale!  I wonder how they ‘compare’ to supercomputers like Titan – that’s my own lack of education speaking in terms of being able to have a basis for comparison – because obviously places are still buying supercomputers at the moment.

At first it appears as if it’s going to be a ‘futuristic’ prediction – but watch until the end. The future is already here. I certainly didn’t know this! I find it very confusing that we can ‘use’ physics that we don’t really understand.. but I guess we do it all the time really… right? 🙂


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