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Yes. It’s another rant against Macs.. Funny. But sort of stupid and sad in the end. Why argue?

November 30, 2012

Yes. It's another rant against Macs.. Funny. But sort of stupid.

For some reason PC users seem to feel the need to rant against Macs – I don’t know why exactly. Why not just use whatever the hell you want to use and shut up about it! Or – like me – learn to appreciate both. I’ve got a 7 year old iMac that has never had a single issue, folks -and can still be used to play World of Warcraft! It’s a stupid argument. Apple does something right or this machine wouldn’t be what I said it is. And there’s no maintenance involved. I appreciate PCs as well. Yes – they are the only way to go for true configuration of a computer.

Do I love Windows? Nyet! I think Windows has been trying to be like Mac since.. forever. It’s overly complex for 99 percent of users and everyone on Earth knows it needs maintenance or it tends towards entropy. WinTel ‘built in’ obsolescence (intentionally) as part of their marketing schemes for massive profitability. Whatever! I don’t see evidence (to the contrary) that Apple did this!

Maybe you pay more on the front-end for a Mac, but you get a reliability factor, a build quality,  and a useful lifespan that Windows can’t even TOUCH! Are Mac designed for gamers and overclockers? (who are the main ones who bitch about them)  NO.  If you have the money though and are lucky enough to get to know a Mac, it’s pretty hard to deny that they are exactly what I’m saying they are. You need something different for gaming. I get it. They both have their uses. Saying anything beyond that is just bickering and justifying your own ‘turf’ – for whatever ridiculous reason people find that necessary.

I can’t afford a Mac – not right now. But if I could and I needed a general purpose computer and money wasn’t an issue I’d get one. Then – I’d also have to build an awesome gaming machine for my son! I certainly don’t need one. If you do – you start there. Start with whatever you can afford and with whatever suits your perceived usage. Why have a war over technology. I think we have more pressing issues to contend with in society than Apple versus WinTel. Or – be really creative and use Linux, Windows, and OS X on the same machine!

Personally, I am enjoying learning to use Ubuntu – and it’s a LOT faster than Windows. But I can also appreciate the fact that we DO have this old iMac that can be used for basically everything- – even at 7 years old!

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