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December 2, 2012

Click Here: – the trailer

The MOST important film about information security and privacy that has come out in recent memory. For ALL audiences – no tech knowledge required.

PLEASE WATCH this trailer!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a mouse pad from an iPad. SERIOUSLY.

It is not even remotely technical – but it will open your eyes to what is REALLY going on out there every single moment of every single day of our lives. And that is NO exaggeration.

You might (I hope)t never look at your own interactions with the world in the same way again.  After just watching  this trailer! If you take it seriously.

Or, you might just write it off as paranoia and say “it’s not going to happen to me.”

Right now, those of us who write and speak about this are almost always written off as fringe extremists. Well-intentioned, but prone to paranoia you’d say. Right?


Don’t even read the rest of my long-winded post if you’re bored… just watch the trailer. Let’s see if we can get the film somehow (I don’t know how  – I contacted the distributor today).

I’m so embedded into the Google/Facebook matrix (will it become GoogleBook some day? Who will win in this quite sinister and insidious drama that you don’t even know about…) that I don’t know HOW to extract myself.

I will try – but the data is out there and these footprints are more permanent than the ones on Hollywood Blvd.


Take a real look at what it really means to be using EMAIL! (the way that most people use it right now…)

If you only focused on that ALONE,  you’d be five YEARS ahead of 99.999% of people…

Don’t trust me! Do some research on… dare I say it.. that data-mining powerhouse… Google!

Put in some search terms like “is email secure?” or something like that.  Or  – ‘implications of using plaintext email’ (which is what it is).

Check on the Website – just for example. There’s a nice little statement about email on there- they’re not even selling you anything (or rather – they have free versions of just about everything you’d need).  I think it’s right around where they offer free digital certificates from a trusted Certificate Authority. Read about Digital Signatures.  I did,  and I use one now on every email I send. It took me a little bit of brain power to figure out – but it was FAR from rocket science (because I’m far from a rocket scientist 🙂

Read my post about the new exponential increase in the “ways and means” by which Facebook is potentially going to give even Google a run for its money as GOD OF DATA-MINING!

I’ll start to  explain (from a beginner’s perspective however) how this is all so easily done with some basic training:

I’ll list the TOOLS and/or software (almost all free), most of which I don’t even really know how to use yet as a beginner, but I’m learning,  I’ll also try to create a compendium  or library of online, up-to-date, sources/resources for news and information, that verifies, explains, and reveals why you would be ABSOLUTELY mistaken if you decided not to take this seriously.

Or,  if you were foolish enough to think that it wasn’t already happening, en masse.

Free tools we can ALL download in seconds… that hackers use routinely:

Tool  ONE (of MANY)

Let’s start with Wireshark..

Then there’s Tenable Nessus


This is just a two second, off the top of my head list… I can come up with dozens and dozens of others and those are just the ones I know (which is probably the tip of the iceberg. .

Go to the DefCon Website

Note: There is no harm in posting these tools. They’re straight from my textbook for the most part. You can get them in seconds with any search engine for Pete’s sake! They’re not the problem. They need to be readily available and they are routinely used by network administrators and security professionals to find vulnerabilities in networks – it’s essential!

It’s like any ‘practicing’ that people do in sports or whatever. You simulate and learn from experiences that are as close to real (or probable) as possible. The military calls them wargames. They’re nothing new – just new tools for the job.  It’s called Penetration Testing (love the sexual innuendo there?) in the Information Security/Cybersecurity field.

Many more tools and links to what’s really going  will follow – I promise!

Are there solutions?

YES – one thing is called encryption (also ancient in origins) We need end-to-end encryption to become a matter-of fact for anything and everything we do!

Is it easy to use now? Not easy enough, unfortunately. Certainly not for the general consumer audience. It’s too hard, I think. It CAN be done,  but the likelihood of adoption in its current form is close to zero IMHO!

NOTE: This obviously will NOT stop folks from divulging stuff on so-called “social media sites,” even though behind that lovely facade of creating a wonderful world of sharing there lies a data-mining beast the likes of which has never been seen before in the history of humanity.

Read all about it on my site – and do your own research! But don’t trust the people selling you the product- – get it?
These sites, GoogleBook and such,  (and I’ll have to provide evidence to back this up)  are very much like magicians in how they interface with us – there is a lot of ‘slight of hand’  and misdirection going on.

They’ll continue to make LOUD public announcements stressing their new ‘security measures’ and how they are increasing your privacy day by day!!!!

That is what you’ll read about in the news and what you’ll believe – because you WANT TO believe it and because you know no other reality and have RELINQUISHED CONTROL.

You feel that privacy is an absurd notion in this day and age,  and it’s FAR too late to exert any control anyway. Right?


There is actually HOPE for us,  and certainly hope for those that we train correctly for their journey into The Matrix!

These TOOLS – the ones that allow invasion – and the ones that enable protection – have actually been around for AGES (in Internet time).

The social media nightmare though?

That’s sort of newer – and harder to grasp in terms of true implications because even the companies themselves haven’t yet ‘invented’ the ways in which they can and WILL use the data.

Read my posts as they develop, and if you think I’m some sort of lone gunman on this,  I can refer you to many other MAJOR bloggers and writers who have already written to me privately that they agree with every single thing I have just said.

Let me hear from you!

Questions, Comments, Suggestions,  etc. for stuff I’m looking for,  and stuff you want me to look for!

Anything goes. I want to start to make this a conversation instead of a lecture! 🙂

  1. Is it easy to use now? Not easy enough, unfortunately. Certainly not for the general consumer audience. It’s too hard, I think. It CAN be done,  but the likelihood of adoption in its current form is close to zero IMHO!

    I followed you here from a post on Bruce Schneier’s blog and would like to comment on the above excerpt. I don’t agree with the first part about it not being easy enough. It can be. I created ThreadThat dot com to provide free end-to-end encryption to the non-techie. I hope you will try it. I do agree with the latter part – the market for paid encryption of daily online communications is NIL. That is one reason my service will always be free.

    • I appreciate this comment – and I have a LOT to learn for sure. I will follow your advice and your link. Thank you – – I mean that.

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