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Onion Routing – good article that tries to explain basic security online – one of many

December 2, 2012

Onion Routing.

Good article. If only people would start to listen and do some of these things.

Tomorrow – I’m going to start posting links to the TOOLS we (ummm… we cybersecurity students and they – hackers) can easily use to gain access to just about anything. Since I’m a beginner I’ll state right up front that I barely know how to use these tools (yet) – but I do know they’re out they’re – they’re mostly FREE – and they’re highly effective and very, very sophisticated.

Why do WE have or use them? Because it is the Prime Directive that those of us who seek to PROTECT networks (and therefore your information) MUST be able to probe those networks (penetration testing) for vulnerabilities just as well as the miscreant trying to access said networks…. You look for holes and you attempt to fix them. It’s how it works – or should work.

What ELSE is done with these same tools? I think you can guess. Can’t you? Let me know if you can’t. More on this tomorrow. Or today since it’s 3:43AM and I need to get some sleep!

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