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If you had to list the Websites that have your stored credit card info, could you?

December 18, 2012

This seems like a pretty simple question. But I know that I probably could NOT answer it with any degree of certainty…. which is kind of scary.

If you had to list all (or even 90%) of the Websites that have your credit card information stored on their sites…. COULD YOU?  

Did you even know that some of these sites do this without even telling you that they do so?

The one that I use – without naming names – is one of the biggest in the world and certainly does this. There may be something buried in the fine print.

I do KNOW that in order to make a purchase using a credit/debit/whatever card I have to enter it and it gets auto-stored (as I call it).

There is NO option for this NOT to happen. NONE.

After the purchase is complete then I have to go back in every, single time and manually delete the card it just stored.

Me no like that.  I asked them about it and I just got the runaround – about how safe it was and so forth. I want the option (wouldn’t we ALL????) to have this NOT be the case?

Am I alone in this? Did you take a look at the list of data breaches on ?

Another related question:

If you had to list all of the so-called ‘cloud storage’ sites that you either use or have used (which usually means they still have your info) – COULD YOU?

I know I had a hard time with this one too: Mozy, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive,, Sugarsync, SpiderOak – and do you actually know WHAT is on each of them?  Oh, and let’s not forget about some of the ‘sync’ programs like Crashplan, that I had to spend hours and 20 emails on to get my account deleted? Do I even know if it is really done?

This is something to think about. Just these things – the stored credit cards and the offsite/cloud-storage/data-synch/whatever name they go by companies.

It certainly is for me.

I want ta program that I can use that tells me where everything is stored so I can go and see if I think it’s safe there. There ARE ‘safe enough’ places for certain kinds of data – and then there are places where nothing is probably entirely safe. I like SpiderOak because of it’s security policy. But I have a LOT of work to do regarding the credit cards and other GB of stored data.

Don’t you?

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