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New Online Game Trains Kids Against Cyber Attacks | What about the rest of us? It’s overwhelming…

December 18, 2012

New Online Game Trains Kids Against Cyber Attacks | Armed with Science.

This seems like a good approach – It is targeted towards 6th-8th graders. I do wish there were similar ‘games’ for high-school aged kids as well. There may be… if you know of any that are like this let me know. This is a joint effort between the Army and the National Science Center.

Security Awareness without making it overly complex, intimidating, and filled with jargon. It seems like an approach that could actually work for all age groups if done in a clever manner. The feedback I get from adults is that it is absolutely overwhelming to try to learn all of the things that they ‘need’ to learn to be safe and have a modicum of privacy.

I can relate to that. It may be that as generations move on it will become second nature and the tools will be much more user-friendly – or even transparent and require no user knowledge. I understand that that is how technology usually works. BUT – what about the hundreds of millions of people right now, who are too busy and stressed and on information overload to try to absorb yet another body of knowledge.

I know people might respond that we can, perhaps, incrementally train each other  – but from what I understand, even the ground-rules keep changing… one day you hear that you should always use sites with HTTPS and not HTTP for transactional/personal ID stuff… and then you (or I) read that even that isn’t entirely true or safe – my own textbook states that these HTTPS sites can be spoofed as well.

And… from what I understand, even though something like HTTPS has been around for quite a LONG time, many people aren’t even AWARE of its existence or use (or LACK thereof – which is what ‘matters’).

I’m just speculating out loud – as a second semester cybersecurity student. I see that from my LinkedIn groups there are dozens, if not hundreds of articles on all of this – and in blogs – and in podcasts. It’s so overwhelming that even I don’t know how to filter it.

That’s the truth (or my truth at the moment).


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