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Useful Security Information for ALL of us at and Electronic Frontier Foundation (

December 18, 2012

Consumers, small business people, and just about anybody with an interest in learning what’s really going on can benefit from two sites I have recently started to use much more frequently to try to understand some of the basics of what people ACTUALLY face every day (and it applies to online and offline transactions and things you would not necessarily even think about)

As a cybersecurity student and blogger, I have, of course, had to face the avalanche of daily information from such diverse sources as blogs, podcasts, e-zines, mainstream media, LinkedIn groups, other social media sites, and on and on when it comes to trying to filter and understand the who/what/when/where/how and why of information security.

Two sites that are extremely well known and are not news to any of those experienced people  – but are pretty new to me:  Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: Empowering Consumers, Protecting Privacy


Electronic Freedom Foundation ( Electronic Frontier Foundation: Defending Your Rights In The Digital World

There is lots of really straightforward, practical advice on how to begin to protect yourself.

The list of data breaches that has collected since 2005 (something over 605,000,000+) was enough to scare me silly 🙂

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